Road to Avonlea Review: The Disappearance

Avonlea sarah polley

Episode Summary: Sara wants to write for the town’s newspaper, in order to prove to her cousins and Aunt Hetty that she’s capable of more than running her late father’s estate. She finds a story in Jonathan Blackwell (Robby Benson), who goes town to town pretending to be famed antique dealer Gerald McDougall Young so that his aunt (Diana Rigg), who wants him to run the family estate, won’t find out. Knowing what he’s going through, Sara agrees to keep Jonathan’s secret if she can write a story about Mr. Young. Jonathan is able to continue his secret passion of collecting art, while Sara gets some newfound respect from her aunts.

Directed by F. Harvey Frost, Written by Deborah Nathan, Music by John Welsman

My Grade: I don’t have much to say about this episode. If you’ve read every review of mine so far, you can probably guess how highly I regard this episode. This is just one of those Disney approved episodes, featuring the voice of Beast from Beauty and the Beast (for the kiddies, I guess? Even though they wouldn’t know) and Diana Rigg, because, I guess, she did stuff before Game of Thrones. The plot itself isn’t very interesting. It’s a B-minus, but it’s a relatively high B-minus because the stuff with Sara wanting to live out her passion and become a writer (oh look! Story Girl! See? She’s a Story Girl. Totally justifies naming that one episode “Story Girl”) gives us more insight into her. But, at the same time, it’s like not all that interesting seeing two privileged rich kids lament over having a lot of money and stuff. Anyway, (B-)

Spotlight Performance: I think Robby Benson is great here. Yeah, his face is like “woah!” Is his character supposed to be related to Jane Spry? I mean, I’m impressed by this dude. He sounds like this…but he also voiced Beast. He also directed episodes of Friends and Ellen, so he’s multi-talented. Anyway, he played “two” characters in this episode so he was snubbed an Emmy nomination, OK??

avonlea robby benson

Favorite Scene: I think what makes this episode more memorable than all the other “hotel episodes” this season is the scene between Jonathan and Sara, when he reveals who he really is and what he does. I guess I just like Sara’s realization that the two of them are actually kindred spirits. And I like the atmosphere. It’s dark. It’s cold and snowy. Their faces are red. Their breaths are seen. It’s just a scene that stands out in an otherwise “meh” episode.

Final Thoughts: Just that Hetty is the only other character I mention in this review, but she only appears in two short scenesbyeee.


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