Road to Avonlea Review: Hearts and Flowers

avonlea hearts and flowers

Episode Summary: In order to find inspiration for her next novel, Hetty King decides to invest in the White Sands Hotel as a way of spending more time there. Although Hetty and Simon Tremayne clash heads and visions at first, by the end of the episode, they come to a mutual understanding. Meanwhile, Gus and Arthur fight for Felicity’s affections. Things get complicated when Chef Pierre’s attractive and flirty niece visits the hotel. In the end, neither man is a step closer to winning Felicity over.

Directed by Stephen Surjik, Written by Hart Hanson, Music by John Welsman

My Grade: Another “hotel episode.” Pretty much my thoughts for the last episode apply to this one. Too much is going on, and not a lot of it is interesting from where I’m sitting (or lying teehee). I think the only great thing this episode does is create a nice lead up to the next episode in regards to the “Gus/Felicity/Arthur” love triangle. The next episode is much better however. But we have to sit through dead parrots and another formal White Sands event before we reach the climax of of that story line. Another good thing this episode does is pair Hetty and Simon up. Their friendship turned relationship is certainly a great arc that will run for the rest of the series. But, again, this episode is littered with too many other forgettable hijinks. (B-)

Spotlight Performance: So, Jackie Burroughs won a 1994 Gemini for her performance in this episode. She beat her co-star Sarah Polley. I’ve already made it clear whom I think should have won, so I won’t go there again. But, for this particular episode, Burroughs does stand out. And her chemistry with Ian D. Clark just feels so right. This was her third and last Gemini for her performance on this series.

Favorite Scene: OK…I don’t wanna get too provocative here but…has anyone ever considered shipping Sara and Felicity? Just sayin’…there are a lot of scenes of them “practice” dancing together. And there are scenes where they’re kissing each other. I’m just sayin’…maybe the reason Sara never found a permanent boyfriend is because Sarah Polley left the series before the writers had the chance to give her a lasting romance she had feelings for Felicity. Just think about it.

Also, yes, the scene where they’re dancing together in their family room is my favorite in this episode.


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