Road to Avonlea Review: High Society

felicity high society

“I’m sorry about the scholarship, Felicity. I know it meant a lot to you.”

Episode Summary: Because of her high academic success, Felicity is invited to compete for a scholarship for the highly prestigious King’s Port Ladies’ College. Feeling intimidated among the posh and wealthy, Felicity makes up a backstory, essentially borrowing Sara’s life (rich, cultured orphan who has traveled all over the world). In the process, she ends up hurting the feelings of Gus, and later her parents when she admits to them what she has done. After she comes clean (and loses her chance at getting the scholarship), Gus makes a special dinner for Felicity. Felicity realizes that her life is just fine.

Directed by George Bloomfield, Written by Janet Maclean, Music by John Welsman

avonlea high society

My Grade: Season three is “hit or miss,” but this episode is definitely a hit. Felicity has suffered from an identity crisis for the last three years. There are moments when she’s smug and holier-than-thou over her status as part of Avonlea’s wealthiest family. And there are other moments when she’s jealous of people like Sara, who has traveled the world, has exciting stories to tell, and a big, fat trust fund waiting for her. This is probably the best episode that really details Felicity’s insecurities over her status. Also, like season one’s “Felicity’s Challenge,” this episode shows Felicity’s need to be liked and accepted by as many people as possible. Like that episode, Felicity once again learns that she doesn’t need to be liked by everyone, when there are already people who love her for who she really is. (A)

Spotlight Performance: Clearly, this is Gema Zamprogna‘s episode. It’s her most prominent episode of the season. Gema shines when she’s able to show both her vulnerable and sassy side.

Favorite Scene: Obviously, this is a popular episode because it brings us one step closer to Felicity and Gus’s ultimate “coupling.” At the end of the episode, they share a nice meal in the kitchen of the White Sand’s Hotel. Being a gentleman, despite being hurt and humiliated by Felicity, Gus apologizes to Felicity for losing her scholarship. Swoon.

avonlea high society

Final Thoughts: Canadian actress Shirley Douglas guest stars in the episode as the school’s headmistress (or something). She’ll, of course, have a leading role in Sullivan’s next series Wind at my Back. Her last television role was a guest turn on an episode of Degrassi. This is also the first appearance by Albert Millaire, who plays the snooty French head chef of the White Sands Hotel Pierre LaPierre. As the hotel continues to be a major setting for the rest of the series, he’ll continue to appear in a recurring role.

So in the scene when Felicity is telling her fake Sara-inspired backstory to the other students, she mentions that she was kidnapped by “Isis.” Let’s just say I spent a whole ten seconds thinking, “Wow. They’ve been around for a while.” I am not smart. She’s, of course, referring to the fortune teller from “Sara’s Homecoming” that kidnaps Sara.


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