Road to Avonlea Review: After the Honeymoon

jasper and olivia avonlea

Episode Summary: A female scientist named Sydney Carter (Kate Nelligan) visits Avonlea in order to study bats with Jasper (for some reason). After some town gossip regarding their relationship spreads, Olivia becomes jealous of the two. Of course, Jasper proves Olivia and the town wrong by rejecting Sydney’s advances. Meanwhile, Sara and Felix start to suspect that Jasper’s a vampire. Jasper is not a vampire.

Directed by Don McBrearty, Written by Janet Maclean, Music by Don Gillis

My Grade: I think it’s taking me so long to get through season 3 because this season is sort of “hit or miss.” It’s probably the most “hit or miss” season, maybe behind season 7. This isn’t an episode I get too excited about watching. I find Sara and Felix’s story line a bit too childish, and the whole Sydney-Jasper-Olivia faux-love triangle is boring (and just plain “been there done that”). Don Gillis’s musical score, featuring many of his signature motifs, and Mag Ruffman’s performance elevate this one. (C)

avonlea after the honeymoon

Spotlight Performance and Favorite Scene: Again, Mag Ruffman as Olivia stands out. But, and I can’t say this enough, she and RH Thomson work so well together. The actors on this show really know how to create chemistry, and Jasper and Olivia is no exception. So, the scene towards the end where the two characters essentially renew their love for each other is touching, in an overall mediocre episode.

Final Thoughts: Kate Nelligan is a Canadian actress, but by the early nineties had received mainstream fame. She was nominated for an Oscar for The Prince of Tides the same year she appeared in this episode, and received a weird Leading Actress Emmy. She’s also received four Tony nods. So…what I’m trying to say is…she was probably “Disney-approved.” But at least she wasn’t the “air sucker” Christopher Reeve was in his episode.


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