Road to Avonlea Review: Dreamer of Dreams

avonlea olivia and jasper

“Jasper, you could never stand in the way of my dreams. I don’t care what Mrs. Potts and Hetty and all those gossips think. Without you, I haven’t even the heart to dream. I need you, Jasper.”

Episode Summary: After two failed inventions, Jasper feels pretty discouraged. On top of that, he gets the feeling that Olivia may not want to stay with him after overhearing some ladies lament Olivia’s prospects. Meanwhile, Sara and her cousins decide to write their own newspaper for their amusement. They create a fake advice column inspired by real life stories they’ve heard around Avonlea. After Olivia unknowingly puts the advice column in the newspaper, the town starts to throw daggers her way. Things only get worse when the newspaper gets broken into and all the money is stolen. In the end, Jasper and Olivia find the thief and renew their love for each other.

Directed by Allan King, Written by Heather Conkie, Music by John Welsman

avonlea dreamer of dreams

My Grade: Olivia and Jasper are a really great pair. And I think it’s important that we got at least one more episode where their love is put to the test before they get married in the season three premiere. The overall story is fine, if a little forgettable. In the original Montgomery book, the kids do start a newspaper…and it’s probably the most boring, monotonous section of the book…so I give kudos to Conkie and co. for somehow turning that part of the book into an actual story. But, with the exception of “Home Movie,” “Jasper invents something” episodes are rarely my cup of tea. (B)

avonlea flying avonlea flying

Spotlight Performance: This time I’ll say RH Thomson stood out, particularly because I haven’t really given the actor the recognition he deserves yet. I think this type of role (stuttery) would be difficult…but Thomson always seems to commit to it.

Favorite Scene: So, in the beginning of the episode, Jasper tries out a couple inventions. One, includes a flying machine that’s clearly not going to work. So that whole scene where Jasper attempts to fly, but lands on a pile of leaves is funny.

les carlson avonlea

Final Thoughts: Let’s talk about the Lawsons for second. In the original Anne of Green Gables movies, the woman who runs the general store is Alice Lawson, played by Mag Ruffman. In the series, Mag Ruffman was upgraded to the role of Aunt Olivia, which means the store had to be run by husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Lawson. Well, this episode marks the last appearance of Mr. Lawson, who was played by American/Canadian actor Les Carlson. Despite being born in South Dakota, he had appeared in many Canadian productions since the 1970’s. He was mostly known for appearing in horror/fantasy movies (including the Cronenberg joint Videodrome), but he also appeared in family fare like Avonlea and Babar. He was married to Patricia Hamilton (who played Rachel Lynde) for a while. His last screen appearances were guest roles in Lost Girl, Rookie Blue, and Murdoch Mysteries before his death in 2014.


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