Road to Avonlea: All That Glitters

avonlea all that glitters

Episode Summary: Everyone in Avonlea is treasure hunting, including Gus and Captain Crane. However, they only have half of a treasure map. The other half belongs to Captain Borden (Tom Butler). The Captains fight for the treasure, leading to Captain Crane being pushed down a cave mine. However, Captain Crane survives and is able to run away with the treasure, cunningly leaving Captain Borden with an empty chest. In the process, Gus and Crane grow closer. Crane asks Gus to leave Avonlea with him, but Gus realizes that his home is in Avonlea. Before Crane leaves, he gives Gus a genuine ruby ring and the lighthouse to look after.

Directed by Harvey Frost, Written by Janet Maclean, Music by Hagood Hardy

My Grade: I think this is a genuinely great episode. I like all the subplots with different members of the community looking for a treasure. Seeing Hetty and Janet squabble is always funny. And I like how Gus really found a father figure in Captain Crane. I like this episode significantly more than Sea Ghost, because I could more clearly follow the story along and stay invested in all the characters’ motivations. (A-)

michael york avonlea michael mahonen avonlea

Spotlight Performance: When I first watched the series, I pretty much liked Gus since “Aunt Hetty’s Ordeal.” However, I don’t think I fully appreciated Michael Mahonen‘s performance until now. He shows so much range in this episode, particularly in his last scene with Michael York (Captain Crane).

Favorite Scene: Speaking of that scene…that’s the scene that pretty much makes this episode. The final farewell between Crane and Gus is definitely a tearjerker. In that scene, Gus realizes that he’s found a home in Avonlea…however, there also seems to be a theory floating in the fan community that Crane could possibly be Gus’s father. This could explain why Gus gets so emotional saying goodbye. I don’t think it’s ever really confirmed; but if it’s true, that realization could certainly be one of the show’s most subtlest moments. I just can’t believe “Abe Pike” would actually be Gus’s father. He’s such a pig!

sarah polley

Final Thoughts: This is Michael York’s final appearance as Captain Crane. He’s probably most known for starring in the Austin Powers movies. He was also nominated for Emmys for a guest performance in the short lived TV series The Lot and the great Afterschool Special Are You My Mother. Canadian actor Tom Butler also starred in this episode. He has recently appeared in The Killing, 50 Shades of Grey, and Tomorrowland. 


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